Please find below sample keynotes and workshops Patricia has delivered to a variety of audiences.  Please contact Patricia for more information on topics and content. Customized sessions are available at your request. 


Ignite! Inspire & Engage: Captivate Creativity through Access and Opportunity

Technology can fuel innovation, foster creativity, and create engaging learning environments. This session will explore simple ways educators can tackle digital equity and ignite, inspire, and engage students.


Why Digital Equity Matters Now!

With the current COVID-19 crisis, equity is now more of an issue than ever before. In these urgent times, we must reimagine and further define digital equity from the classroom to the kitchen table, and the increasing need for professional learning opportunities on this critical topic. This session will share the multiple dimensions of digital equity,  (Access and Opportunity) with the goal of determining actionable steps for K-12 campuses. 


Rising From the Ashes- Building Understanding From Trauma

Explore how facing trauma head-on through conversation and communication can build understanding both within and beyond our communities.

Interactive Workshops

Unleashing the 4C's

Ignite! Inspire & Engage: 5 Ways to Unleash Creativity in the Classroom

Technology can fuel innovation, foster creativity, and create engaging learning environments. This session will explore simple ways educators can tackle digital equity and ignite, inspire, and engage students.

iPads More than Just Apps- Unleash Creativity with iPads

iPads are more than just apps, they’re a tool to create and think with. Discover ways the iPad can transform student learning from consumption to creation. Explore practical ways educators can move their students through the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition).

Augmented Reality! Experience, Explore & Create! What's Your Reality?

Augmented Reality tools allow you to fuse the real world with the digital world. These tools can completely change your classroom experience.  This hands-on session will allow participants to experiment with tools that can be used to augment your own classroom to create unique experiences for your students. What's your reality? 

Amplify and Democratize student voice in the modern classroom using Video!

Video can transform a classroom dynamic based on a modern form of communication.  In this session you will explore: the critical role of student's voice in transforming your students, classroom, school, and community through building confidence, respect, and empowerment how to design learning environments that encourage students to share their perspectives, experiences, and cultural backgrounds, and how to amplify student's voice - all using these amazing tools!

Interactive Workshops

Technology Integration - Effective Pedagogy

Student Engagement is a Must!

Tired of boring PowerPoint slides?

Tired of the glazed overlooks you get while clicking through your PowerPoint lesson? Find out ways to present material to students in a visual manner that also allow them to “articulate” new concepts in clear and intuitive ways. We will explore 5 ways to spice up your lessons and engage your students tomorrow!

SOS Strategies for Student Engagement

Needing to spice up your lessons? Looking for new ways to engage your learners? We’ve heard your S.O.S call! Go hands-on in this interactive session and explore the popular Discovery Education Blog series “Spotlight on Strategies”. These strategies help all teachers to capture learners in a myriad of ways. From "snowball fights" to singing the praises of A-E-I-O-U, these strategies are as helpful for the twenty-year veteran as they are for the first-year teacher. Teachers of every grade level and subject area will walk away with classroom-ready tips and tricks for integrating media.

Edtech Tools Get Creative With Formative Assessments

Learn ways your students can creatively show their learning, in a timely, and efficient manner. This session will demonstrate a few digital tools that help teachers do just that.

Classrooms Without Walls- Using Social Media to Connect

Educators need to create a Personal Learning Network, but our students need an authentic audience too. How do you do this? By introducing new concepts and activities to your students using creative measures, such as Social Media. Social Media tools are changing how people, including our students, interact with the world. This makes way for changes in the strategies and tools we use for teaching and learning. Follow us on this journey as we explore ways we can truly transform learning for our students, and at the same time transform how we teach

Classrooms Without Walls- Students

How can students enhance the 4'C's and make Global connections? Experiences such as Mystery Skypes, Google Hangouts, Virtual Field Trips, Google Tours, Blogging, are just a few ways to create authentic and engaging activities to build community, as well as many other life long skills. Teachers can use help students connect with others, amplify their voice, and redefine learning in the classroom. 

Interactive Workshops

STEM/Coding Workshops 


This session will discuss problems of practice as well as solutions like exposure to Computer Science and STEM that address digital needs affecting access and opportunity for students, especially students living in poverty, students of color, and girls.

Early Learners Can Code Too! Using Scratch Jr in the K-2 Classroom.
The session will share ways you can engage our youngest learners in coding. Learn ways to introduce creative and interactive storytelling, animation, music, and sound through Scratch Jr.

Got a Problem? Let's Solve It! Coding in the Classroom with Scratch
Jump into the world of Coding and explore how to cultivate the problem-solving mindset with elementary students. Participants will learn how the Scratch Program can facilitate learning with their students while integrating design thinking and creativity principles.

Coding is for ALL!!!
Discover simple ways to incorporate STEM  into your day-to-day lessons to increase student engagement, empower learning and enhance digital age skills through free and inexpensive resources for the K-12 classroom. Discover how robotics and coding can fit into multiple subject areas and learn STEM thinking strategies for all kids during the school day.  In this interactive session, you will see examples of innovative instruction using & Google CS First,  and other resources that will elevate your instruction from the status quo.  Using tools like Sphero, Scratch Coding, Ozobots,  Littlebits, Made with Code, Makey Makey,, Osmos, and more! There will be resources shared of specific tools and activities that can be used with girls to generate a higher career interest in STEM. 


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